TT No. 526: Palm Protein from Palm Kernel Cake

The increasing need for protein-rich food by humans and animals has created the need for alternative protein sources. Palm Protein could be one of the potential proteins. It is a product of palm kernel meal (cake) derived from the process of extracting protein from palm kernel by product (patent aplication No. P120100004553). The process involves […]

TT No. 525: BeCare (Red Olein Drink)

Beta carotene red olein drink or BeCare is a functional beverage formulated using a belnd of red palm olein and vagetable oils to meet the healthy fatty acid combination of saturated, monounsaturated and polysaturated ratio of 1:1:1, the ratio recommanded by the American Heart Association. In adition, BeCare is also a source of vitamin A because red olein contains […]

TT No. 523: Process for the Producton of Sophorolipid Biosurfactant

Biosurfacents are natural surfactants derived from microbial origin containing mostly sugar and fatty acid moieties. They have higher biodegradability, lower toxicity and excellent bioogical activities than their synthetic counterpats. In addition, biosurfactants have better properties with respectto higher foarming capacity and activity at extreme temperatures, pH levels and salinity than the synthetic surfactants which are […]