TS194: Total Chloride Content Analysis in Crude Palm Oil and Secondary Oils

The 3-monochloro-1,2-propanediolesters (3-MCPDE) are chemical food contaminants that are carcinogenic.The 3-MCPDE is formed due to high deodorisation temperature at there fining stage of crude palm oil (CPO). The primary precursor for 3-MCPDE formation is chloride which is present in the plantation and mill where it gets into the palm oil. Sources of chloride are water, […]

TS193: Land Suitability Evaluation and Management for Oil Palm Plantations

Malaysia’s primary plantation crop, covering about 5.87 million hectares in 2020, generates around18.3% of world palm oil production and exports 17.37 million tonnes of oil, accounting for approximately 34.3% of total palm oil commerce (Parveez et al., 2021).Malaysia’s palm oil sector continues to provide a substantial contribution to the country’s economic development and foreign currency […]

TS192: SawitSecure 2.0. Digital Management of Pests and Diseases of Oil Palm

The palm oil industry has significantly contributed to the rapid economic development of the country. Malaysia produced more than 17.8 million tonnes of crude palm oil from a planted area of 5.87 million hectares in 2020. The country’s total export of palm oil and palm-based products was 25.2 million tonnes, generating export earnings of RM64.92 […]

TT681: Red Palm Oil Enriched Functional Cookies

Dietary fat is crucial in food formulation, in the current context on bakery products, from the aspects on structural properties (aeration and lightness) to rheological properties(fluidisation and plasticisation) and sensory attributes (crispiness, creaminess, odour, etc.)properties (Pareyt and Delcour, 2008). Palm oil and its fractions in particular, are widely used in bakery goods in view of […]

TT680: Oil Palm Based Beef Cattle Feed Pellet Formulation

Malaysia has met local demand for poultry meat and has been self sufficient since 1984. However, the ruminant sub sector which is dominated by beef is not well developed. Due to this situation, Malaysia has been facing difficulties in having a sustainable and sufficient supply of red meat throughout the year.Ruminant production is limited by […]