TT No. 626: Palm Oil-based Structural Fat with High Oil Binding Ability

Solid fats are used as hardstocks to develop a widespread range of structuring agents in food formulations (Omonov et al., 2010). Palm solid fractions are natural solid fats which provide improved stability for many types of food that require solid fat functionality (Pande and Akoh, 2013). Traditionally, solid fat in margarine is obtained by hydrogenation […]

TT No. 625: Palm-based Multipurpose Liquid Creamer

The function of a creamer which is available either in powder and liquid form, is to impart a desirable cream-like flavour, body and texture to foods and beverages to which it is added. The most widely and frequently used creamer for beverages, especially coffee which is a heavily consumed drink in the world, is dairy-based […]

TT No. 624: Healthy Snack Bar Fortified with Palm Tocotrienol Rich Fraction (TRF)

Snack bars are ready to eat food bars which consist of various cereals, nuts, seeds or dried fruits as the major ingredients. They are portable snacks that can provide energy during the day. Snack bars can be formulated to contain high energy, high protein and high fibre. Snack bars can also contain vitamins, minerals and […]

TT No. 623: Palm Tocotrienol Rich Fraction Chewable Tablet

Chewable tablets are a convenient alternative to conventional tablets. They have the great advantage of not requiring water, which means that they can be taken at any time and in any place and are palatable. The chewable tablet is formulated to disintegrate in the mouth smoothly either with or without chewing. Chewable tablets are specially […]

TT No. 622: Palm Mid Fraction (PMF)- based Fat in Ice Confection Formulation

Ice confection is made by frozen preparation of water with other food ingredients. The other food ingredients are from milk or milk products, vegetable fat, sugar, colouring, flavouring and food conditioner (Malaysian Food Act 1983 and Food Regulation, 1985). Main Researcher: Wan Rosnani Awg IsaEmail: