TT683: Palm-based Mozzarella Cheese Analogue

Cheese analogue, commonly known as substitute cheese, is a cheese made with dairy, partial dairy or non-dairy ingredients. In cheese analogues, milk fats or milk proteins are partially or completely substituted with vegetable fats and oils. Milk fat substitution with vegetable oils is a growing trend in producing cheese-like products(Villamil et al., 2021). In recent […]

TT682: True-to-Type Version 2 – High Resolution Genotyping Platform for Parental Identification

SureSawitTM True-to-Type genotypingplatform (Version 1) consisting of24 genome-wide single nucleotidepolymorphism (SNP) markers that arestably inherited, was introduced in 2018.The Version 1 genotyping platform proved usefulin discriminating individual palms, even in fullsib families and allowed assignment of palms toa family when the expected parents are known.In such a guided-analysis, Version 1 was usedto validate the legitimacy […]