TS No. 110: MPOB Fungal Identification System 1 (FIDS 1)

The Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS) region is the most widely sequenced DNA region in fungi by PRC analysis. The sequence comparison of the fungi ITS region is widely used in taxonomy and molecular phylogeny due to the high copy number of rRNA genes. Furthermore, it is easy to amplify even from small quantities of DNA […]

TS No. 109: MPOB Microbial Identification System 1 (MIDS 1)

MPOB Microbial Identification System 1 (MIDS 1) utilises the Biolog which is a microbial identidication tool based on biochemical analyses. Biolog was developed in 1989 by Biolog, Inc. and well-known for its ability to identify and characteriste microorganisms. It is an identification system for bacterial, yeast and fungi using a microplate that analyse a microorganism […]

TS No. 107: Stump Treatment With Dazomet for Controlling Ganoderma Disease in Oil Palm

The Ganoderma, the cause of basal stem rot (BSR) disease, is facultative basidiomycete fungus and a mahor pathogen of oil palm in Malaysia. One stratergy to manage BSR is by reducing chemical to infected stumps. Fu,ogation is one means of reducing inoculum f some root rotting fungi. Soil fumigants such as methylisothiocyanate (MITC), methyl bromide, […]