TT No. 665: Instant Palm-Based Powder by Spray-Drying And Fluidised Bed-Drying Techniques

The results show that both spray dryers and fluid bed dryers have a significant influence on the powder properties. Compared to other products, palm-based powders have better properties and quality, including a reasonably lower moisture content, higher yield and better bulk density, with a good flow ability and moderate color properties. These physical properties of […]

TT No. 664: Palm-Based Lassi

Palm-based lassi is more cost-effective and its production is less time consuming compared to fermented lassi. The physicochemical properties of palm-based lassi i.e. pH, titratable acidity, viscosity and Brix, are comparable to that of commercial lassi. The sensory evaluation of palmbased lassi showed higher preferences than the commercial lassi. Main Researcher: Nur Haqim IsmailEmail:

TT No. 663: Palm-Based Spreadable Cream Cheese

The invention is a palm-based spreadable cream cheese produced using direct acidification technique. Cost-effective and less time-consuming direct acidification technique does not require starter cultures. Palm-based spreadable cream cheese has comparable physical characteristics to the commercial cream cheese. Main Researcher: Nur Haqim IsmailEmail: