TT No. 441: Palm Oil-based Adhesive for Fibre Board

In view of this limitation, MPOB has put in efforts to prepare a suitable palm oil-based polyol for CASE. The new polyol is made from oleic acid and glycerol, which are co-products of the palm kernel oil refinery and biodiesel plant, respectively. this new palm oil based polyol is known as a fatty acid based […]

TT No. 440: MPOB-Q-PKM™

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board Quality Palm Kernel Meal (MPOB-Q-PKM™) is a new premium quality meal developed, improved and tested at the Energy Protein Center, MPOB Research Station in Keratong, Pahang. The raw materials comes from palm kernel (PK). The PK are especially selected, cleaned and processed and later subjected to grinding and solvent extraction. […]

TT No. 439: MPOB-HIE as a High Energy Fat Supplement for Lactating Dairy Cows

MPOB-HIE is formulated from refined palm product together with a food-grade additive derived from palm oil. MPOB-HIE can be considered as supplemental fat which can play an effective role as an supplemental fat which can play an effective role as an integral parts of diary rations, especially during the early stages of lactation when the […]

TT No. 438: Hi-Oleic Soft Spread

Hi-Oleic soft spread is a soft spread high in oleic fatty acid (C18:1) content and low in saturated fats. It is formulated from palm oil and a soft vegetable oil which is high in oleic fatty acid. There is no hydrogenation process involved in formulating the product. Main Research: Dr Miskandar Mat Sahri 

TT No. 437: Palm-based Ghee-like Cooking Fat

This low in trans fat ghee-like cooking fat is formulated from palm fractions and other commercial fats. the ratio of its saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids is 4.4:3.7:1.0, an improvement to the ratio of natural ghee which is 25:8:1. The processing condition is unique and the product is spoon able in a tropical climate […]