TT No. 253: Deterioration of Bleachability Index

The deterioration of bleach ability index or DOBI is an acronym for an analytical procedure intended for quality control of crude palm oil. It is based on the ratio of two wavelengths (446:269 nm). The test introduced by MPOB in 1981 is performed using a simple spectrophotometer and attempts to provide a prediction of the […]

TT No. 252: Palm based Mozzarella Cheese as Pizza Topping

The manufacture of natural cheese conventionally involves the treatment of milk products, including inoculation with particular and specific strains of microorganisms, treatment with enzymes (e.g: rennin) allowing cheese curd to form, separating the cheese whey, collecting the curd and pressing of the curd into molds, followed by ripening and ageing of various period of time,depending […]

TT No. 251: Trans-Free Palm-based Chocolate Spread

Chocolate spread is a sweet spread which is very popular among children especially when applied on slices of bread. It is a water in oil emulsion containing less than 40% fat in combination with other ingredients such as sugars, cocoa powder, skim milk powder and stabilizer. Chocolate spreads of different varieties are commonly available. These include […]

TT No. 250: Palm-based Spray Oil

Palm-based spray oil offers a convenient tool for handling vegetable oils, especially palm oil which solidifies at temperate climate. Its main advantage for the consumer is its ability to provide a stick-free coating for cooking utensils so that washing of the cookware is easier. Into addition, it can cater for the needs of specific groups of […]

TT No. 249: Lip Gloss with Changeable Colors

Avocado plant grows to a height between 4 to 8 m. Its branches splayed out in a pyramid with many single, smooth-edge leaves. The flowers of the avocado tree aresmall, green and highly scented, and bud in clusters. The avocado oil is composed of palmitic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid. It has […]