TT No. 475: Palm Biodiesel with Reduced Fuel Filter Blocking Potential

The engine fuel filter blocking problem in vehicles running on biodiesel blends surfaced in 2007. Researchers discovered that this problem was due to the presence of steryl glucosides at very low level, less than 100 mg kg-1. In October 2008, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) incorporated a new parameter called the cold […]

TT No. 474: Inventory of Microbial Biodiversity in Some Oil Palm Plantation

Land degradation and the loss of soil fertility caused by soil erosion due to land conversion is a major problem worldwide. Although the use of agrochemicals increases productivity, it may also cause detrimental effects to the environment. Currently, many oil palm plantations have turned to implementing sustainable agricultural management practices to reduce the negative impacts […]

TT No. 471: Palm-based Cream Cheese Analogue

Cream cheese occupies a relatively small but important place among the many varieties of cheeses available commercially. Cream cheese (also called soft cheese) is a sweet, soft, mild-tasting, white cheese, defined by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) as containing at least 33% milk fat with a moisture content of not more than 55% and […]

TT No. 470: Antioxidant Chilli Oil

Red palm oil has an exceptionally high level of phytonutrients such as carotenes, tocotrienols and squalene. With the infusion of essential oils from chilies and other herbs, we are able to extend the nutritional benefits of the oil. We have demonstrated in our laboratory the antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti inflammation properties for some mixed phytonutrients. […]