TT No. 411: Production of Pigeon Pea Integrated with Oil Palm

Pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan L.) is a leguminous shrub to a small tree and one of the main pulse crops. It ranks sixth in area and production among the grain legumes. Indigenous to India, it is now widely grown all over the subcontinent which produces almost 90% of the world’s crop. The plant requires a […]

TT No. 410: Integration of Yellow Cattle with Oil Palm

Optimizing land use in oil palm plantations is becoming increasingly important to maximize income from the crop. In 2000, MPOB introduced the integration of cattle in oil palm, and adoption of the practice has been good. In 2003, to upgrade the integration model, MPOB imported Yellow Cattle from China, a breed known for its hardiness […]

TT No. 409: Motorized Chisel (CkatTM) for Short Palm Harvesting

Harvesting is a very important activity in oil palm cultivation. Efficient harvesting ensures that high quality fresh fruit bunches (FFB) are sent to the mill quickly for processing to produce high quality oil with low free fatty acids (FFA). Efficient harvesting can be achieved by at least two factors; i.e. efficient harvesting tool and sufficient […]