TT No. 543: Palm-based Massage Candle

Candle is a solid block of wax embeded with with a wick, ignited to provide light. The fuel source normally made of either pure blended wax materials (e.g tallow, bee wax, parrafin, vegetable waxes). Traditionally, candles have been used as a light and heat sources to illuminate and warm the surrounding environment. The use of […]

TT No. 542: Sugar Free Chocolate Spread

Chocolate spread is a sweet fat-based spread with major ingredients consisting of sugar, fat, cocoa powder, milk powder, stabiliser and emulsifier. The spread is a favourite amongst adults and children who like the taste of milk chocolate. The traditional product contains 38%-42% sugar, which is high in calorie (4 kcal g-1) Consumption of a high […]

TT No. 541: Application of Palm Emulsion in Vegetarian Nuggets

Animal fats have been singled out as the cause of dietary diseases due to the saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids content. However, animal fat is one of the major ingredients in processed meat formulations. In order to reduce the consumption of animal fats in daily intakes, fat substitution can be done. This is applied in […]

TT No. 540: Non-hydrogeneted Palm Based Pastry Shortening

Commercial pastry shortenings are usually produced from hydrogenated fats. Partial hydrogenation produces trans fatty acid which may cause the LDL (bad cholesterol) to increase. In order to overcome this problem, palm-based pastry shortening formulations without hydrogenation have been developed. Objectives:  Reformulate a commercial trans fatty acid containing pastry shortening with non-hydrogenated palm-based formulation Evaluate the […]