TT No. 300: Determination of Hydrocarbons (n-alkanes) in Oil Matrix

This test method describes a method for the determination of hydrocarbons (n-alkanes) in vegetable oils and fats using gas chromatography-mass 297 spectrometric (GCMS) detection. Vegetable oils may be contaminated by mineral fuel oils (dieseloil) due to the use of transport/storage facilities which are not strictly for transport/storage of food-grade, or due to other reason. The […]

TT No. 299: Determination of Chlorpyrifos in Edible Oil (Liquid- Liquid Extraction Method)

The method involves the extraction of chlorpyrifos with hexane acetonitrile. Chlorpyrifos is preferentially partitioned into the polar acetonitrile layer while the bulk of the lipids remains solubilized in the non-polar hexane. The acetonitrile extract are subjected to clean-up procedure through a silicic acid column. The chlorpyrifos is analysed by gas chromatography equipped with an electron […]