TT No. 410: Integration of Yellow Cattle with Oil Palm

Optimizing land use in oil palm plantations is becoming increasingly important to maximize income from the crop. In 2000, MPOB introduced the integration of cattle in oil palm, and adoption of the practice has been good. In 2003, to upgrade the integration model, MPOB imported Yellow Cattle from China, a breed known for its hardiness and good adaptability to tropical climates. A total of 828 Yellow Cattle cows and 50 Brahman-KK (Kedah Kelantan) bulls were introduced into an area of 4000 ha in Ladang Sungai Gayung and Ladang Sungai Marung in Pahang, in a system of rotational grazing. The cattle calving, mortality rates, temperament and oil palm parameters were recorded. The overall performance of the breed was very promising with the cattle adapting well to the oil palm environment. The calving rate was high (>74%), and the herd and calf mortality rates low (2.0% and 2.1%, respectively). The trial showed that rearing Yellow Cattle under rotational grazing in oil palm is profitable, and the practice is, therefore, highly recommended for oil palm owners.

Main Research: Dr Kamil Azmi Tohiran