TT No. 391: Production of Tocotrienol Enriched Eggs

Tocotrienol-enriched egg was developed at the Energy Protein Centre (EPC), MPOB in Keratong, Pahang. It was technically feasible to produce tocotrienol-enriched chicken eggs through feeding formulated feed with tocotrienolrich fraction (TRF) and/or MPOB-HIE. Tocotrienol and vitamin E enhanced oxidative stability and prevented off-fl avour in the eggs (Ajuyah et al., 1993). Vitamin E was demonstrated […]

TT No. 390: Palm-based Trans-Free Liquid Santan

Santan (coconut milk) is rich in fat and its consumption has been associated with increased plasma low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels (LDL) and greater risk of arterial thrombosis due to its high contents of short chain saturated fatty acids such as lauric (C12:0) and myristic (C14:0). Therefore, the consumption of santan is discouraged. Palm-based santan has […]

TT No. 389: Palm-based Trans-free Brick Spread for Shallow Frying

Brick spread is widely used in the catering and retail sectors (Figure 1). The applications of this product are for spreading on bread and to stir fry vegetables, rice, seafood, meat and eggs. Brick spread replaces the function of butter in shallow frying application. Brick spread in shallow frying will act to transfer the buttery […]

TT No. 388: Palm-based Trans-free Reconstituted Filled Milk

Filled milk is a milk substitute made by combining non-dairy fats or oils with milk solids. It is used to replace fresh milk products in regions where there is inadequate storage facilities or where milk is little or not produced. The properties of reconstituted milk more closely resemble those of homogenized milk than whole milk. Much […]

TT No. 387: Trans free Soft Spread

A trans-free Soft Spread (TF Soft Spread) has been formulated (Figure 1). The margarine is consistent, yet soft and readily spreadable on bread from the refrigerator at 5°C-10°C. It also maintains its consistency even when left at room temperature (23°C-25°C) for up to 4 hr. There has been increasing demand for margarines with low saturates and trans […]