TT No. 385: Determination of Deltamethrin in Crude Palm Oil and Crude Palm Kernel Oil by Solid Phase Extraction and Gas Chromotography – Electron Capture Detection (GC-ECD)

The pesticides used in oil palm plantations are mainly herbicides and insecticides. As insecticides are relatively cheap, they are freely used, like deltamethrin against leaf-eating insects. The insecticides may have adverse effects on the environment and human health, while their residues are a concern in food quality and safety. Reliable analytical methods for insecticide determination […]

TT No. 384: Palm Oleochemicals for Cosmetics and Toiletries

The global market for cosmetics and toiletries ingredients was an estimated USD 14.7 billion in 2005, and is expected to grow 5% a year to 2010. The factors contributing to this steady growth are the improving global economy, particularly in developing countries, and the introduction of new consumer-friendly products. The majority of cosmetics and toiletries […]

TT No. 383: Process for Palm Kernel Protein Extraction

Palm kernel cake (PKC) is the by-product from the production of palm kernel oil – the residue of the palm kernel after its oil has been expressed. It is commonly used as animal feed for its protein and energy content. Little is known about the protein which constitutes 14% to 17% of PKC. Therefore, it […]

TT No. 382: Compact Tertiary Plant for the Treatment of POME

Effluent treatment is of increasing importance to Malaysian palm oil mills as they strive to reduce their operating costs and meet the increasingly stringent standards for discharging their wastes. This article summarizes the polishing technique for tertiary treatment of palm oil mill effluent (POME). The method allows mills to achieve long term regulatory compliance with […]