TT No. 334: Electrical Carbon Brushes from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches

The annual import of carbon products by Malaysia is approximately RM 24 million (Mohamad et al., 2000). Electrical carbon brush (ECB) is made of carbon and graphite with substantial amounts of metal powder and some additives for lubrication and adhesion. Measured amounts of these materials are ground, blended and mixed according to the grade required before […]

TT No. 333: Carbon Glassy for Electrodes from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches

Hard carbons or carbon glassy, are obtained from carbonization of pre-cursors such as thermosetting polymers (for example, phenol formaldehyde resins, furfuryl H alcohol and divinylbenzene styrene copolymer), cellulose, charcoal and coconut shell. Hard carbon is used in the production of carbon electrodes. Commercially, carbon electrodes are made from petroleum coke and graphite and pitch that […]

TT No. 331: Carbon Black from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches

Carbon black is very fine carbon powder used mainly in rubber and automotive products, such as hoses, gaskets and coated fabrics. It is also used in inks and paints, Cplastics and in the manufacture of dry-cell batteries. Partial combustion of furnace oils, obtained from petroleum refining, is used to produce carbon blacks (furnace blacks). In […]

TT No. 330: Production of Palm-Based Biomass Briquettes

Empty fruit bunch (EFB) is the main solid waste obtained from milling process. However, due to its poor characteristics, it has limitation to be used as fuel. Therefore, the EFB needs to be upgraded and processed into briquettes via a proven technology. Main Research: Nasrin Abu Bakar