TT No. 319: Palm-based Bakery Fats For Crumble Pastry

Bakery fats are used in a variety of bakery applications for specific functions to produce different products (Figure 1). The properties can be tailor-made to suit the application for which it is intended. A fat for crumble pastry should have a certain consistency to facilitate mixing of ingredients together. It should be able to coat […]

TT No. 318: Palm-based Fudge Sauce as Dessert Topping

Fudge sauce is an ideal topping for ice cream and cold desserts (Figure 1). It is also used in bakeries and dairy industries for flavouring, dipping and also for inclusion in filling cream and chilled desserts such as yoghurt. Fudge sauce tastes like milk chocolate and is the second most popular topping after chocolate syrup (Schuman, […]

TT No. 316: Compact Transporter for In-field Activities

The field activities of transporting fresh fruit bunches (FFB) to roadside collecting points, spreading fertilizers and weedicide spraying can be mechanized to reduce the number of workers, increase worker productivity and the area covered. The normal method for transporting FFB is by wheelbarrow, controlling weeds by knapsack sprayer and applying fertilizer. These activities are hard […]

TT No. 315: Hovercraft for In-field Operation in Oil Palm Estates with Soft Ground

The physical characteristics of peat soil limits its mechanization.Anotherlimitation is the rising debris from the sinking of the soil. The protruding debris – old logs or T stumps – obstruct the movement of machines and may also damage the under-carriage. Thus, itis importantto consider seriously these limiting factors when introducing machines for peat areas. The […]