TT No. 324: Palm Based Whipped Topping

Whipped topping is similar to other whippable emulsions, such as whipping cream and ice cream – they are all emulsions of oil-inwater. Creams are of three types – dairy, imitation and low fat. They are packed after either pasteurization or ultra high temperature (UHT) treatment. Palm-based whipped topping (PT) was formulated similar to ordinary dairy […]

TT No. 323: Interesterified Palm Products as Hard Stock for Solid Fat Formulations

Interesterification (IE) is a powerful tool for modification of the physical and chemical properties of oils and fats. IE involves redistribution and interchange of fatty acids (FAs) within and between the triacylglycerol molecules, which make up all oils and fats. The result is a significantly changed melting and crystallization behaviour. No changes occur to the […]

TT No. 322: Palm Oil Based Shortening For Multi Layered Bread

The shortening for multi-layer bread is specially designed to facilitate lamination of the dough in the baking of puff pastry products (Figure 1).¬†Multi-layer bread is a unique traditional breakfast delicacy in Izmir, Turkey. As a staple, up to three pieces can be consumed per meal (each piece weighing 120 to 150 g). The bread is […]

TT No. 321: Palm-based Fluid Shortening (MPOB Shortening FL 30)

Bakery products were improved significantly when emulsified shortening was introduced in 1933 (Hui, 1996). Pure vegetable shortenings were accepted as premium products both by housewives and the commercial bakers due to their uniform white colour and smooth texture that improves stability, creaming properties and bland taste. The advance in technology, especially in the food service […]

TT No. 320: Palm-based Sweet Short Crust

Pastry used for tarts is referred to as sweet short crust pastry (Figure 1). Pastry doughs vary according to the type of final product intended. For instance, the crust for a pre-cooked custard pie should be different from the crust for a fruit filled pie. While the basic ingredients for most pastry doughs are similar, […]