TT No. 334: Electrical Carbon Brushes from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches

The annual import of carbon products by Malaysia is approximately RM 24 million (Mohamad et al., 2000). Electrical carbon brush (ECB) is made of carbon and graphite with substantial amounts of metal powder and some additives for lubrication and adhesion. Measured amounts of these materials are ground, blended and mixed according to the grade required before carbonization at high temperature. The ECB function in an electric motor is to transfer current from a fixed external power supply to a rotating part or moving surface of the motor. It is widely used in automotive air conditioners, car window lift motors, washing machines and electrical tools. Depending on the type of motor, the metal content in ECB can vary from 50% to 95% and be copper, lead, silver, iron or manganese (Ichiki, 1978).

Main Research: Astimar Abdul Aziz