TT No. 452: First Generation Embryogenic Markers (GEM) for Tissue Culture Amenity

Low embryogenesis rates have long been the point of contention for large scale ramet production ventures. This is further exacerbated by the fact that tissue culture of the oil palm to date is still a random process. This implies that laboratories will have to practice ‘basket sampling’ to meet the demand for clonal plantlets. Ong-Abdullah […]

TT No. 448: An Improved Oil Palm Motorized Cutter – Cantas Mark II

MPOB introduced the oil palm motorized cutter, Cantas, in 2007. Cantas is suitable for harvesting fresh fruit bunches (FFB) from palms up to 5 m tall, which is the height normally reached by palms which are less then 13 years old. Canas is easy to use and is less strenuous for the worker compared to […]