TT No. 54: Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Non-diary ice-cream is a frozen mixture of a combination of components of milk substitute, non-fat milk solid substitute, sweeteners, stabilizer, emulsifier and flavouring. Other ingredients such as egg products and colourings may be added. The mixture is estuerized and homogenized before freezing. Freezing involves rapid removal of heat while agitating vigorously to incorporate air, thus […]

TT No. 53: Slip Melting Point Meter

Slip melting point is a widely used parameter in the specification of oils and fats. It is normally determined by visual observation of a thermometer placed alongside the sample immersed in a water bath. An automated instrument is now available for the rapid and accurate measurement of slip melting point of oil. The instrument automatically […]

TT No. 52: Transparency Meter

Transparency Meter* is a tool for measuring the transparency, translucency and clarity of materials in the form of solids, liquids or gels. Measurement is based on a new method which is superior to the subjective visual observation or direct transmission methods. The method is based on light scattering effect through various media using a laser […]

TT No. 51: Laser Spectrofluorimeter System

The *Laser Induced Fluorescence Spectrofluorimeter (LIFmeter) is designed to detect chlorophyll content in both crude and refined vegetable oils. It exhibits a very high sensitivity compared to the conventional spectrophotometer method. Operation is as simple as filling a cuvette chamber and pressing the measure button. Main Research: Dr Tan Yew Ai

TT No. 50: Pourable Margarine

Palm oil products blended with liquid oils were successfully used to produce a pourable margarine. The formulated blend was processed in a Schroeder Kombinator pilot plant using the holding method (Melmick,1969). Performance test on the products was based on their pourability, vicosity, spreadability at various storage temperatures. This pourable margarine had performance characteristics at 23°C […]