TT No. 59: Mechanical FFB Loader for Short Palms-‘The Crabbie’

Labour is an important input in oil palm cultivation. Short age in labour would lead to several problems such as low fruit recovery, low quality oil and high operating cost. Infield transporter and a mechanical loader (Grabber) for tall palms are already available in the market and have been widely used in oil palm estates. Virtually […]

TT No. 58: Soil Stabilizer for Plantation Roads

Plantation roads provide the means of transporting fresh fruit bunches (FFB) to the mill and, bringing and sending fertilizer to the site as well as other field activities. Any slack in preparing or building the roads will effect the delivery time of farm products as well as the being in the farm needs. Plantation roads […]

TT No. 57: Mechanical Loose Fruit Collector (MK II)

Loose fruit collection is part of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) harvesting and evacuation process. The conventional methods used for loose fruit collection are by hand picking or by manually raking and scooping into a bag. The techniques are not only time-consuming but also laborious. The debris content in raking can be as high as 60% […]

TT No. 56: Application of Oil Palm Efficient Nutrient System ( OPENS )

Soils require high fertilizer inputs to replace the nutrients removed by cropping. The soil holds the applied nutrients or else, looses them through soil erosion, leaching or volatilization as a gas. Therefore, much attention is given to efficiency of fertilizer recovery, which is dependent on many factors, and the ,major ones being the weather, soil […]

TT No. 55: Smart Balance

Coronary heart disease (CHD) continues to be a major cause of mortality globally. Among the risk factors that can be modified are dietary habits of an individual. In this context, reduction of excess consumption of dietary fat and especially saturated fatty acids has been advocated as a tool to reduce CHD risk. Depending on the […]