TT No. 66: Clear Gel with Encapsulated Vitamin E & A

The use of cosmetic products is as old as civilization. During ancient times, people had already begun to use a variety of items to enhance their appearance. The renaissance era saw a wider acceptance of cosmetic products. This was the period of rose water, homemade soap, cucumber cream and rice powder. With development and improvement […]

TT No. 63 & 64 & 65: Goat’s Milk Lotion, Goat’s Milk Cream, Goat’s Milk Skin Freshener

Over the past years, natural or naturally derived cosmetic products have been swarming the market, replacing the synthetic based products. This change was mainly due to consumers’ preferences towards natural, mild and plant derived products. thus natural trend’ is not unfounded as the main competitor, cosmetic products derived from petroleum could contain polyaromatic hydrocarbons which […]

TT No. 62: Palm Based Soap with Goat’s Milk

The formulation of soap bars has become more complex over the years due to the need to increase the functionality of the soaps. Nowadays, the consumers have become very accustomed to multi-functional products. Traditionally, soaps were designed for cleaning the skin only but overtime soaps began to be used as delivery system for perfumes, superfattting […]

TT No. 60: Oil Palm Mechanical Cutter

Difficulty in getting skilled workers for handling manual cutting tools, and unavailability of an effective mechanical cutter have been common issue that needs a solution. The current method involves the use if a chisel or sickle, this requires manual labour and is tedious. This paper describes a newly innovated mechanical cutter which solves the above […]