TT682: True-to-Type Version 2 – High Resolution Genotyping Platform for Parental Identification

SureSawitTM True-to-Type genotypingplatform (Version 1) consisting of24 genome-wide single nucleotidepolymorphism (SNP) markers that arestably inherited, was introduced in 2018.The Version 1 genotyping platform proved usefulin discriminating individual palms, even in fullsib families and allowed assignment of palms toa family when the expected parents are known.In such a guided-analysis, Version 1 was usedto validate the legitimacy of controlled crossesacross a broad range of genetic backgrounds. Thegenotyping platform also proved useful for qualitycontrol in tissue culture. However, in cases wherethe parentage information is not available, reducedaccuracy was observed in assigning the individualsto a family. To accurately assign each and everyindividual palm to their biological parents foundin seed garden is important especially, in breedingprogrammes.

Main researcher: Ting Ngoot Chin