TT No. 657: Palm Esteramol Technology

Palm Esteramol technology is a process to produce an ester from the reaction between palm methyl ester and tertiary amino alcohol using MPOB proprietary catalyst (AOTD-MOCAT). Main Researcher:  Haliza Abdul AzizEmail:

TT No. 656: Trash Removal System for Fresh Fruit Bunches In Palm Oil Mill

In the oil palm industry, food safety and quality cannot be compromised, especially when 85% of palm oil is being used in food applications (Choo, 2013). Food safety concerns related to 3-monochloropropanediol esters (3-MCPDE) and glycidyl esters (GE) in processed palm oil (PPO) continue to increase, and one of the contributing factors is the contaminants […]

TT No. 655: An Alternative Solubilisation Buffer for Recalcitrant Plant Proteins

To introduce the patented sodium deoxycholate buffer (DOC) (Malaysian Patent Application No. PI 2018701612) as an alternative to the routinely used urea/thiourea buffer in solubilising recalcitrant proteins after their extraction from plant tissues. Main Researcher: Benjamin Lau Yii ChungEmail:

TT No. 654: CalliColander

To fashion autoclavable and economical strainers from used baby jar lids and wire mashes of desired pore sizes as well as a holder with multiple arms to keep the strainers in place during sieving process. Main Researcher: Mohd Naqiuddin HusriEmail: