TT No. 641: Nano-Tocotrienols

Palm-tocotrienols are widely recognised as high value nutraceuticals with enormous nutritional benefits. In addition to its role as a family of vitamin E, tocotrienols are also reported to exhibit distinctive functions such as lipid lowering and anti-ageing. While formulation of hydrophobic substances has always been a challenge in the pharmaceutical industry, nanotechnology provides an alternative […]

TT No. 639: Palm-Based Corrosion Inhibitor: Palm16B MetPro

The technology highlights the potential of oleochemical derivatives Palm 16B MetPro as corrosion inhibitor. We convert palm fatty acid into new fatty nitrogen compound. In general, corrosion inhibitor is used to control or reduce corrosion rate of metals. Corrosion inhibitors are widely used in industrial processes such as acid pickling, cooling system, acid descaling and […]

TT No. 638: Palm-Based Specialty Chemical For Lubricant

Increasing environmental and climate change awareness have shifted the market trend from petroleum-based materials to more biodegradable and renewable chemicals. Stringent regulations by government have accelerated the adoption of bio-based lubricants (Sharma and Biresaw, 2016). Main Researcher: Dr. Noor Armylisa‚ÄôsEmail: