TT No. 646: Palm-Based Bakery Release Agent

Bakery release agent is widely used for bakery and confectionary applications. Its main function is to help release bakery products from the mould after production. Traditionally, release agents used in bakeries are mainly made of fats or oils (animal or vegetable) and in the recent years, certain additives such as lecithin, silica and cereal flour […]

TT No. 645: Palm-Based Specialty Oil For Frozen Chinese Dough

Frozen dough is an important product for in-store bakery and food service operations. It retains the flavour as fresh bread dough and easy to use. However, it has to be thawed first before it can be used. Frozen dough dominates the food market covering sectors such as supermarkets, restaurants, institutions and catering businesses. In China, […]

TT No. 643: Palm Phytonutrient Mixtures For Foods And Beverages

Palm vitamin E, tocotrienol rich fractions (TRF) and palm carotene are added to enhance the nutritional value of foods and beverages (F&B). TRF is an extract of palm oil consisting of 25% alpha tocopherol (α-TCP) and 75% tocotrienols. TRF supplementation protects against oxidative DNA damage and has been shown to possess potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, […]

TT No. 642: Specialty Fat For Non-Hydrogenated Soft Spread

Oils and fats are major ingredients of margarine. Palm oil being the most versatile oil is becoming an important raw material and the choice for producing margarine and shortening. However, high percentage of non-hydrogenated palm oil and palm stearin have been found to possess postcrystallisation which is not favourable in margarine and shortening. The post-crystallisation […]