TT No. 570: Chemical Thermo-Mechanical Process (CTMP) for the Production of Cellulose-Pulp from Oil Palm Biomass

Oil palm empty fruit bunch (EFB) contains about 70%-80% holocellulose; which comprises about 40%-45% and 30%-35% of cellulose and hemicelluloses respectively; and 18%-22% lignin. Cellulose is a polymer of α-D-1,4-linked anhydrous glucose units, (C6H12O5 )n. Basically, the individual cellulose molecules are linked together to form elementary microfibrils, which, in turn are aggregated by intermolecular hydrogen bonding […]

TT No. 569: Continuous Carbonisation System for the Production of Charcoal from Oil Palm Biomass

Activated carbon (AC) is widely used as an adsorbent in the treatment of liquids and gases. Many industries such as pharmaceutical, mining, petroleum, nuclear, water treatment, food and beverages are using activated carbon in their processing units. The important parts of the production process of activated carbon are the carbonisation (production of charcoal) and activation […]

TT No. 567: Tissue Culture of Bactris gasipaes via Liquid Culture

The palm Bactris gasipaes also known as pejibaye or peach palm, is native to the tropical forests of South and Central America (Graefe et al., 2013). Bactris produces high fruit yields up to 3.8 t ha-1 yr-1 (Bolanho et al., 2013). The fruits (Figure 1) are rich in starch and contain all essential and non-essential […]