TT No. 86: Hi-Reach Harvesting Pole

In the early days, fresh fruit bunches (FFB) of tall palm trees were harvested using a sickle attached to a long wooden pole or bamboo. This device is convenient in that the pole length is fixed making it difficult to harvest FFB from palms of varying heights. Main Researcher: Abdul Razak Jelani

TT No. 79-85: Palm Based Skincare Products with Natural Extract

In this modern, IT oriented world, consumers are exposed to a lot of high technology oriented products. Yet when it comes to cosmetics and skin care preparations, many seem to be turning back to the familiar, particularly products related to nature or simply natural. Main Researcher: Dr Salmiah Abdull AzesEmail:

TT No. 78: The Wakfoot MK2 : An Infield FFB Transport for Peat Area

Collection of harvested fresh fruit bunches (FFB) in soft and soggy areas have always been very inefficient and slow. In soft and soggy areas, such as in peat and alluvial clay, the means of FFB collection is limited to manual carrying or using wheelbarrow. The productivity of each worker is between 1.5 to 2 tonne […]

TT No. 77a: The Identity of Ganoderma Species Responsible for Basal Stem Rot Disease of Oil Palm in Malaysia – Morphological Characteristics

Basal stem root (BSR) caused by species of Ganoderma is a disease of economic importance of oil palm in Malaysia and Indonesia. The genus Ganoderma Karst. is categorised as a higher fungus, a polyporoid genus, within the fanily; Ganodermataceae, Order: Basidiomycetes. The early literature on BSR disease of oil palm reported conflicting opinions on the […]