TT No. 91: Specialty Animal Fats Replacer For Meat Products

Specialty Animal Fat Replacer (SAFaR) is a new version of fat made from Malaysian Palm Oil. This fat is specially made to imitate the functional properties of animal fats like raw beef fat and chicken fat. SAFaR is scientifically designed and formulated to replace either raw beef fat or chicken fat in the manufacturing of […]

TT No. 90: Palm Based Insecticide Formulation

Pesticides play an important role in agriculture sectors. Pesticides in Malaysia are mainly in the form of aqueous concentrates (AC) for herbicides, emulsifiable concentrates (EC) for insecticides and as wettable powders (WP) for fungicides. These formulations comprised more than 80% of the total pesticides marketed in Malaysia (MCPA, 1998; Abdullah, 1993). Main Researcher: Dr Ismail […]

TT No. 89: Recovery of Glycerol and Valuable Components from Glycerol Pitch

There are two principal processes used to produce natural glycerol: saponification and hydrolysis of oils/fats. These are mainly carried out respectively in soap and fatty acids in the oleochemical industry. However, with the recent development of the oleochemical industry, production of methyl esters and fatty acids contribute more to glycerol supply than does soap making. […]

TT No. 87: Goats Milk Ice Cream

Ice cream is a frozen product containing 10% milkfat, 20% total milk solids, permitted sweeteners, stabilizers, flavours and dairy derived ingredients. Milk, either from cows or goats, is the source of dairy ingredients in ice cream which is composed of water, milkfat and nonmilk solids. Main Researcher: Mohd Suria Affandi