TS No. 12: Product Development and Crystallisation Simulation Using Mettler LabMax Reactor with FBRM System

Increasing pressure to bring novel specialty compounds to market has initiated the automation of laboratory reactors to perform controlled experiments at laboratory scale which can be easily scaled-up. Product and process developments in the shortest time to produce the first kilogramme of compound for commercial evaluation is of utmost importance. The LabMax reactor is a computer controlled, automatic lab reactor for the synthesis and kilogramme scale-up labs in chemical research, physical characterization, and process and product development (Figure 1). This compact instrument can be operated 24 hr a day. Basic operations such as stirring, heating, cooling, dosing, pH-stating, distillation and refluxing, as well as crystallization can be pre-programmed and run automatically. The entire experiment is stored and can be reproduced whenever needed.

Main Research:  Dr Chong Chiew Let