TT No. 593: Multivessel (MV) Bioreactor for Liquid Tissue Culture System

Improvement to the oil palm liquid culture system is a continuous process. This led to the development of an innovative technology, namely the MultiVessel (MV) bioreactor, for the simultaneous multiplication of cell aggregates of various clones and/or application of various treatments. Main Researcher: Dr Ahmad Tarmizi HashimEmail:

TT No. 590: Intensive Integration of Goat in Oil Palm Area

In normal practice, goats are integrated in oil palm area using semi intensive production system. The goats are released in oil palm area during day time for browsing and kept in goat’s house at night. This system requires large area for browsing and the integration can only be started when the palms had reached four […]

TT No. 589: Integration of Black Pepper with Oil Palm

Integration of crop with oil palm optimises land utilisation and provides additional income for the growers. There are several crops suitable to be integrated with oil palm. Integration can be carried out in a longer period with the double row avenue oil palm planting system. Thus, this integration technology can sustain the additional income during […]