TT No. 496: Candle Gel from Palm Oil

It is no secret these days that the candle market has become more competitive. Retailers and consumers have become ‘price-sensitive’ to the many types of candles available in the market. Of all the basic types of candles, votives, container candles and pillars are currently the most popular. One of the essential requirements to develop a candle making company in this growing market is to expand the product range on offer. These days, many of the non-traditional candle retailers offer different types of candle retailers offer different types of candles for sale in three or four different departments, and now even hardware stores carry a line of candle products. Interestingly, health stores and also the local stores selling tobacco products display candles for sale on their shelves. With these additional ‘new’ retailers, a candle manufacturer can cater for the demand for new products specific to these markets.

Main Research: Lim Wen Huei